Terms of Sale

Terms of sale

Here is some general information about our sale process:
  • Due to stock availability, we are unable to cancel or recall an order once it has been sent out. If the buyer needs to change the billing or shipping information after the item has been shipped out, she/he needs to contact our customer service ( support@luxiaojun.eu). The change of billing or shipping information is not guaranteed successful, only the customer service has the ability to confirm the change requested by the buyer.
  • Our current order processing time for our sale is 7 to 10 working days for in-stock merchandises sent from our USA warehouses. The shipping takes generally 7 working days for items sent from our China  warehouse.
  • If you are unable to click on item size, style, color, the item is out of stock and unavailable for purchase.
  • If an item(s) you have ordered goes out of stock, the item(s) will be refunded and any remaining item(s) will be shipped. You will be notified via email of any changes to your order(s). 

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