LUXIAOJUN Weightlifting Thumb
Tape V2 – six

7.030.9 (inc. Vat)

    • Note: Colors are packed(will be sent) randomly!
  • DESIGNED BY OLYMPIC CHAMPION – Our Thumb and Finger Tape is professionally designed by Olympic Weightlifting Champion LUXIAOJUN. The weightlifting tape effectively improves the grip when lifting weights, and effectively prevents skin injuries during exercise.
  • HEAVY DUTY ADHESIVE FOR PROTECTION – The sticky adhesive is latex-free, which provides great flexibility and can stay in place even with intense exercise, without leaving a sticky residue on your skin. Applicable to protect all parts of the body, such as fingers, palms, wrists, legs, arms, and other skin. Used for recovery of sports injuries and relieving skin calluses, pain from old injuries, etc.
  • BREATHABLE AND FLEXIBLE – Pure cotton material brings extreme comfort. This elastic lifting tape absorbs chalk and sweat. Adhesive and Elastic fabric creates a tight and flexible wrap, which can be stretched to your desired length and uniquely flexible for the perfect fit.
  • MULTI-SPORT VERSATILITY – Multifunctional for athletes, perfect for weightlifting, deadlifting, pull-ups, climbing, or any other sport where hands can become sore and damaged. Most preferred by athletes and workout users.
  • PORTABLE & EASY TO APPLY – Package includes 3 rolls in one box. Each roll is 19 feet long and 2 inches wide, which makes it suitable for any part of the body wrap. It can be stored in any place. Easy to use, just peel it and stick it to any area that tends to rub against your thumb and cause calluses.

Luxiaojun thumb tape.jpg
Luxiaojun thumb tape.jpg
Luxiaojun thumb tape.jpg
Luxiaojun thumb tape.jpg


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