Luxiaojun Nylon 4″ Lifting Belt

49.0 (excl. Vat)

LUXIAOJUN Nylon 4″ Lifting Belt (10 cm wide) is designed with a 10cm width

This belt is made of a new composite material which has the following advantages:

Shockproof: absorbs the vibration of the waist during training.

Keep warm: promote blood circulation in the waist during training.

Lightweight: to ensure more flexibility during training.

The belt uses high-density webbing, which is more durable.

The adjustment for this belt is easier, the seamless sleeve adjustment is smoother and more precise, and the webbing folding is increased, making it easier to pull the webbing.

Available in black, gray and pink

Size option: S, M, L


Black, Gray, Pink


S, M, L, XS


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