LUXIAOJUN L30 Weightlifting

19.9 (inc. Vat)

Luxiaojuneu Weightlifting Straps
Luxiaojuneu Weightlifting Straps
Luxiaojuneu Weightlifting Straps
Luxiaojuneu Weightlifting Straps

Presenting the Champion Edition: Endorsed by Olympic Gold Medalist LU Xiaojun (吕小军) and the Esteemed Team China

Elite Endorsement: The LUXIAOJUN L30 Weightlifting Straps aren’t just equipment, they’re a testament to excellence and precision. Meticulously crafted under the stringent testing and invaluable insights from LU Xiaojun himself and his illustrious teammates, these straps echo the technical finesse and robustness required by the champions.

Unparalleled Durability: Experience the confluence of comfort and endurance with our straps, woven with premium-grade, skin-friendly polyester that’s substantially thick yet gentle on your skin. The reinforced stitching is not just a feature but a promise of enduring your rigorous Olympic weightlifting training sessions.

Precision Dual Design: Tailored to perfection, each strap measures 2″ x 6″ (12″ when folded), meticulously designed with a unique dual-stitching technique to fortify against wear and tear. These straps aren’t just accessories; they’re armours tested to bear an astounding weight of up to 825kg (1819lbs), seamlessly aligning with your heavy-duty requirements.

Hand Protection & Injury Prevention: Elevate your performance metrics without compromising on safety. Whether you’re aiming to increase your reps, lift heavier weights or both, these professional-grade wrist straps are your trustworthy companions. Ideal for a spectrum of activities, from Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding to Strength Training and any arm-intensive exercises.

Ultimate Comfort & Support: Crafted for comfort, the straps boast high-grade cotton construction resistant to long-hour usage wear, presenting not just durability but also unparalleled support to your wrists. Ease of use is integral to our design, making the LUXIAOJUN L30 Weightlifting Straps the perfect choice for both novices and seasoned athletes alike.

Invest in Excellence. Elevate Your Performance with LUXIAOJUN L30 Weightlifting Straps Today.


Black, Yellow, Blue, Fluorescent Green, Pink, Green


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