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EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED BY LUXIAOJUN – The LUXIAOJUN Competition Plates are meticulously crafted by the esteemed Olympic Weightlifting Champion, LUXIAOJUN. These competition-grade plates are tailored to enhance your weightlifting performance and ensure precision in every lift.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL – Made from high-quality rubber, these plates promise durability and resilience. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, ensuring they remain a staple in your gym for years to come.

PRECISE COMPETITION STANDARDS – Adhering to strict competition standards, each plate boasts an outer diameter of 450mm. The width varies with weight, ensuring perfect balance and stability. The collar diameter is 50.4mm, making it compatible with most standard Olympic bars.

DIVERSE WEIGHT OPTIONS – Catering to all levels of athletes, these plates come in various sizes including 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg. Each weight has a specific width, making it easy to identify and ensuring proper stacking during workouts.

ACCURATE WEIGHT TOLERANCE – Precision is key in weightlifting. With a weight tolerance of +-15g, these plates guarantee accuracy, ensuring you get the exact weight you desire during your workouts.

VERSATILE TRAINING COMPANION – These plates are ideal for competitive weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, or anyone serious about their training. Their robust build and precise design make them suitable for a wide range of exercises.

EASY TO HANDLE & STORE – The rubber material not only ensures durability but also provides a grip-friendly surface, making it easier to handle. The plates are designed for efficient storage, ensuring your workout space remains organized.

LUXIAOJUN Competition Plates
Plates type:Competition
Outer Diameter:450mm
Collar dia:50.4mm
Size:10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg
Weight tolerance:+-15g

Weight N/A

140KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG


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