Mastering Olympic Weightlifting with Venus Weightlifting Program

Introduction to Venus Weightlifting

Venus Weightlifting was founded by Coach Gaby in 2015 as the first Olympic Weightlifting gym in China. Since then, Venus Weightlifting has established itself as the premiere lifting club, renowned for teaching athletes the best techniques for Olympic Weightlifting.

Our mission is to share Chinese Weightlifting with the world. We want to ensure that athletes of all levels around the world are able to enjoy the sport we all love and cherish so much. We also want to ensure that everyone can do this pain-free and reach new heights in their weightlifting lifespan.


How far you can reach is determined by how long rather than how fast you drive. At Venus Weightlifting, We believe sustainability is the key to setting new heights repeatedly. Our goal is to help you not only lift heavier but also move healthier so that you’ll achieve your full potential w/o pain. Since you take Olympic weightlifting seriously, we hope you always enjoy it & continue pain-free training until 80 years old!

Venus Weightlifting Model: BCDR

Starting Olympic Weightlifting can be overwhelming due to the numerous technical details involved in the snatch and the clean and jerk. But What is the most important factor for good, strong lifts?

Through years of coaching experience we, at Venus Weightlifting, have built our own BCDR model for Olympic Weightlifting, which covers the most fundamental elements, to help you to have a basic and correct understanding of the sport.


B: Balance

Starting from the bottom, we have BALANCE, the base of the building blocks of our Olympic Weightlifting pyramid.

Balance is the number one most fundamental and important thing in Olympic Weightlifting, since we stand on the ground, move on the ground and live on ground through the force of gravity. Balance is about your feet as roots to the ground, the gateway that links you and the most stable source – Mother Earth.

C: Core

When it comes to weightlifting, having a strong CORE is paramount. Think of your core as basically a big balloon divided into three key spaces: the chest, stomach, and pelvis.

Why is core alignment crucial? It is all about maximizing the efficiency of power transmission from your lower body to your upper body. When these three spaces are properly aligned, the power generated by your lower body can flow seamlessly upward, enhancing your overall lifting performance.

D: Drive Down

“Drive! DRIVE!” is a common cue you might hear being shouted on the training floor. But where exactly is the focus of this drive?

While the term “drive” might suggest an upward motion in weightlifting, the truth is that in Olympic Weightlifting, the driving force is always directed DOWNWARDS. Beginners often make the mistake of trying to pull the bar up, before initiating the lower body drive, which disrupts transmission of force.

R: Rhythm

Rhythm (or sometimes known as tempo) is another key element in Olympic Weightlifting, but sometimes can be overlooked. To maximize strength training in this discipline, exercises such as squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses come into play. For optimal performance, we recommend following the tempo: three beats down, followed by one beat up.

By practising and nailing down rhythm, weightlifters can enhance their movement efficiency, timing, and overall performance in Olympic weightlifting. Investing time and effort in understanding and practising the appropriate rhythms for different exercises can lead to substantial improvements in technique and results.

Venus Weightlifting Programs

To help you integrate these principles into your training, Venus Weightlifting offers a range of specialized programs designed for different skill levels:



Beginner Weightlifters/CrossFitters: 13-Week Learn Chinese Weightlifting

Best choice for beginners who want to learn authentic Chinese-style weightlifting or CrossFitters who want to improve the lifting techniques. It provides a strong foundation by focusing on the basics and gradually increasing complexity.


Intermediate/Advanced Weightlifters: 13-Week Advanced Technique Refinement

Best choice for experienced lifters who want to continuously improve their techniques in the snatch and clean and jerk,  and the lifting numbers through a well-designed 13-week cycle.


Train Chinese Weightlifting Program: Join Team Gaby

Best choice for experienced lifters who want to try Chinese weightlifting training program and get coaching from Gaby Q while training virtually inside a friendly community.


Why Choose Venus Weightlifting?

  • Comprehensive Programs: From initial warm-ups to skill drills and core lift programming, our programs cover everything for Olympic Weightlifting.
  • Detailed Coaching Videos: Daily or weekly instruction videos explain movements and the underlying principles of the snatch and clean and jerk.
  • Movement Demos: Demonstrations by Venus Weightlifting leave no guesswork in any lift.
  • Regular Feedback: Get feedback from Coach Gaby and the team to continuously improve in Olympic Weightlifting.
  • All-in-One Digital Platform: Delivered through the TrainHeroic APP for easy access and tracking.

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Join Venus Weightlifting Club

Founded by Coach Gaby in 2015, Venus Weightlifting Club is the premiere Olympic Weightlifting gym in China. Our mission is to share Chinese Weightlifting with the world, helping athletes improve performance and lift pain-free.

Access Chinese Olympic Weightlifting coaching from anywhere with our programs. Join our community, follow us on social media, and start your journey to becoming the best athlete you can be.

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