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From a farmer’s family to Olympic gold, LU Xiaojun’s weightlifting journey epitomizes dedication and resilience. In 2017 Recognizing a need for elite equipment, he channeled his expertise into creating “LUXIAOJUN”. Products are tested 2 years by directly himself. Crafted with insights from top lifters and China’s manufacturing prowess, every product promises not just quality, but the spirit of a true champion. Elevate your training with gear inspired by a legacy of excellence.

From Lu's words

I’m LU Xiaojun, I came from an average farmer’s family in China. When I was 8 years old, a sport school coach saw me participating in a 100 m race. He believes that I can be professional weightlifter, then he suggested me and my family to convert to weightlifting. To get my diploma of bachelor while I was not so good in study, I began my training as a full-time weightlifter. Since then, it’s been 28 years. Now I’ve participated in 7 World Championships, I won 1 Olympic gold medal and 1 silver, 5 world champion titles and many national champions. 
Weightlifting is my passion, I enjoy the feeling when I’m on the stage. So I continue to compete despite of my age. 

In 2008, I was about to retire due to injury, but Coach YU brought me to the National Team, then I started my career as an international elite weightlifter. 

My coach was against that 3rd attempt, but I insisted. Weightlifting is like my family, I cannot say No to it. I really don’t want to decline any attempt, so even with injury, I want to perform correctly my every attempt. Why I pushed my limits so hard? Because this may be one of my last attempts, it’s hard to say goodbye, but if I have to, I’d like to give my best to all these people who love me around the world.

Lu Xiaojun

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